YA BOYZ! Captain Steve and deckhand Mason do some damage! When other boats are coming in with none or 1 fish, our boats are loading up! Today we crushed it with 2 Ono, 4 Mahi and 4 Yellow Fin Tuna. Anothe great day of Maui Fishing. Call today to reserve your Maui sport fishing charter and let us get you into some fish!

fishing in maui

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OOOHHHH YAAAAA! Extreme Fishing Maui! Captain Fuzzy loads up on 13 Ahi and a big ass Ono. Captain Pauly on the deck was a busy man today. Nice work boyz!

die hard maui fishingfishing hawaii

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Kai Akua with captain Jeremy and deckhand Mason hook up with some good sized yellow fin tuna. Thanks Jesse Allison for coming fishing with us. Sorry some of the party got a little bit of motion sickness. Even with cutting the trip short by a couple hours Jeremy & Mason still did some fantastic fishing in Maui.

maui fishing chartershard core fishing in maui

Captain Rich and Captain Steve of the No Problem head out early and end up with 3 good sized Ono and 5 yellow fin tuna. Fishing in Maui has been awesome lately with all these big tuna.

Captain Fuzzy and deckhand Andy on the Die Hard boat
with 3 big tuna and a nice mahi show another private charter the time of their lives!

fishing in hawaiifishing maui style

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No Problem does it again! Another 100 lb Ahi. This was a very strange day. It started off we me getting a phone call at 6 AM from Captain Rich. He said they had ran over a chunk of cargo net and it was wrapped in one of the props. So they called up Captain Jeremy and him and Mason grabbed there dive tanks and knifes and headed out to meet No Problem. Captain Jeremy pulled No Problem into some smoother water then went diving under the boat to cut the net free. Once the net was clear Kai Akua started trolling back in and hooked up with 2 Ono on the way. No Problem kept heading out to see if their luck would change. It sure did. No Problem ended up catching 4 Ono, 4 small tunas and a monster 100 lb Ahi! Captain Rich Newcomb and Captain Steve Lambert killing the Maui fishing scene once again.

huge Ahi maui fish

Mini Clean Sweep! There’s nothing cooler than a boat coming into Lahiana Harbor flying 4 flags. Captain Fuzzy and crew Andy had a pretty exciting day fishing in maui! The ended up with 2 Mahi Mahi, 1 Ono, 14 yellow fin tuna and a Short Nose Spear Fish! What a day! We expect nothing less from these boyz!

die hard fishing maui hawaiicharterfishing maui

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Captain Fuzzy and crew Paul boy doing there daily fish hunting in Maui. Another fantastic day on the water for the with 3 mahi mahi and 15 yellow fin tuna. A couple good size ones. Nice work boyz. More Maui fishing at it’s finest.

deep sea maui fishing

Maui fishing has been fantastic lately. There’s tons of Mahi Mahi and big Ahi around right now. Captain Jeremy and crew Mason hooking up with 2 good sized Mahi Mahi and a hand full of yellow fin tuna!

hawaii fishingmahi mahi fishing hawaii

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AAAAHHHHH YAAAA! Captain Rich Newcomb and Captain Steve Lambert get out and do some Maui fishing damage! Catching 9 Mahi Mahi, 5 smaller yellow fin tunas and the topper is a monster 100 lb Ahi! The Maui Masters strike again. There’s been a lot of big Ahi around. It’s a great time to get out on the water. Way to go boyz!

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Time to celebrate everyone!
Not only is it Cinco de Mayo, But Extreme Fishing Maui would like to introduce you to a new boat in it’s fleet. The “Die Hard” and it’s captain and crew are the epitome of extreme fishing. This lucky couple pulled in 4 Mahi mahi today. There is nothing like making fresh Mahi magi tacos with the fish that you caught yourself.

fishing in Hawaiideep sea fishing maui

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The boys of Extreme Fishing Maui head to the northwest in search of giant lingcod.

Sorry, we had to take a few days off of fishing in Maui to head to San Juan Island hook up with some big Lingcod. It was an incredible trip to say the least. We started out in Anacortes Washington, and were escorted by a pod of Orca whales through the first channel. Aided by great weather and plenty of Bud light, we headed up to Friday harbor on Captain Brian Wygal’s Cal 34′ sailboat. Well, the weather turned pretty quick to mid 40’s and rain with a swift breeze keeping the boat rocking. As you can see, first mate Zach Roberts landed the fish of the trip with this monster Lingcod.

After a few more fish, and big storm headed our way, we docked up at Roche Harbor for the night.

The next day was of course, a very interesting one. Things started out nice and smooth. With clear skies and breezy condition, we weaved in and out of the islands looking for smooth water, but that only lasted so long. After being boarded and searched by the Coast guard, we were cleared to proceed (thanks to Captain Brian’s meticulous boat keeping skills) to the last big stretch of water. It took us a few attempts to make it back home, and our final route was not the smoothest of choices, but again Captain Wygal saved the day. After about 4 hours of gail force winds and waves that made the our boat disappear from sight, we made it home.

It’s always good to get out and fish in different areas of the world, but it is also a great reminder that there is just nothing like fishing in Maui.

lingcon fishing mauifishing maui hawaiimaui whales

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It was Extreme Fishing Maui’s Mahi Madness today. These fish put on a killer show when caught. Fishing in Hawaii is as good as it gets!

Both No problem and Kai Akua hook up with tons of fresh Mahi.

hawaii charter fishingkai akua maui fishing

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Extreme Fishing Maui scores again today with No problem and Kai Akua killing it at the buoys. this is charter fishing in Hawaii!

charter fishing hawaiifishing hawaii

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Both boats killed it again today. Book your Maui fishing charter now! There is not many people in town, and it’s the perfect time to go charter fishing, Maui style.

maui charter fishingmaui fishing

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Killer day of fishing in Maui. Not a ton of fish today, but they were good size, and the water was perfect. Fishing in Maui is awesome!

extreme fishing mauicharterfishing maui

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fishing in mauimaui fishing

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Extreme fishing maui, family style. Nothing better than going fishing with Family. Extreme Fishing Maui can set you up with a trip your family will never forget! Look at this ono these girls brought in. Nice!

kai aku fishing maui

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The No Problem absolutely kills it today. The news of this giant 675 pound marlin was all over town today as No Problem jumps to second place on the marlin leader board. Read the full story in the Maui News.

marlin fishing mauimaui marlin fishing

LAHAINA — The No Problem skipped all the lower marlin clubs and jumped straight into the 600-pound club with a 675.2-pound blue by Les Bobocel. He was fishing with Capt. Steve Lambert and crewman Mason Jarvi.
Steve had been working the SO-Buoy off the southwest corner of the Kaho‘olawe Shoals for mahi without any luck. He left the buoy and started trolling north. About four miles away, they had a strike on the short rigger position. As Steve turned around, he saw a whitewater splash where the lure was.
The fish took off on an easy 100-yard run then stopped. Mason got Les into the chair as Steve slowed the boat to neutral. Les started cranking on his fish. Steve thought they were either dealing with a 30-pound mahi or a spearfish.
Mason took his time clearing the rest of the pattern. By the time he had the third line out of the water, Les had worked the fish back to the short rigger rubber band, almost to the rod tip.
The fish stayed near the surface. All of a sudden, they got into a weird stalemate. Mason had good drag on the reel, with Les keeping a bend in the rod trying to get a crank or two. Periodically, the fish would take 5-10 feet of line. Les was into a slight tug-of-war with the fish. This went on for about ten minutes.
Steve started thinking that they might have a small 100-pound blue foul hooked. The fish was acting strange. Steve told Les he might have a small billfish. Not long after that, the fish took off. It smoked the 100-test line for 600-yards straight out, right under the surface, but never jumped.
They already had the lines cleared, so Steve began backing the boat in hard reverse after it. Les regained 500 yards in about 15 minutes. Steve noticed the rod tip starting to come up, so he slowed the boat to neutral and let Les gain line on his own.
They still didn’t know exactly what they were dealing with. Steve figured that after a run like that, it must be at least 200-300 pounds. Les cranked the marlin back to where the rubber band was at the rod tip ten minutes later.
That must have been the distance to the boat the marlin didn’t like, so it took off again, freight-training for 350 yards on the surface. Still no jumps.
Going on 35 minutes into the fight, they figured they must have a respectable fish. With the marlin still on the surface, Steve reversed right after it. He had a good angle on the fish even in the two- to three-foot chop. They regained 300 yards, almost back to the rubber band, in about ten minutes.
At that point, they could tell the marlin was getting tired. Les worked on his fish for the next 10-15-minutes, playing give-and-take just outside of double line. The marlin finally planed itself up off the port corner, swimming with the boat.
Steve could finally see a shape, but couldn’t tell how big it was. The marlin was flashing and rolling, showing signs it was tired. Five minutes later, Les had the marlin to double line, then right to leader.
Mason grabbed leader. The marlin was pretty mellow as he took a few wraps and pulled it up to the boat. It wasn’t until Mason had leader, and Steve was getting ready to gaff, did they finally realize the fish was at least 500 pounds.
Even though the marlin had grabbed a lure, it had a seven- to eight-pound aku stuck in its throat. Steve mentioned that the marlin never seemed to be concerned that it was hooked, but showed its true-blue colors when it needed to. This marlin took a commanding step up the leader board for the year, taking over second place top blue and missing first place by only 13 pounds.

Lahaina news-

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Today was our day to go Extreme Fishing in Maui

Today “da boys” went out fishing and had the time of our lives! One of the great perks of owning Extreme Fishing Maui is…. You guessed it, Fishing!
With the help of our great captains and crew, we quickly grabbed 10 Mahi magi out at a little “secret spot” Watch what happens when you go fishing with us!

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Look at the size of these mahi mahi. Don’t know about you, but it makes me want to go fishing in Maui!

marlin fishing in hawaiihawaii fishing

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The Mahi mahi were out again today! Kai Akua grabs three nice ones, and No Problem take five.

best fishing in mauibest fishing in hawaii

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Yep. That is 23 Mahi mahi. Extreme Fishing Maui is on fire! No problem + capt. Rich = crazy fishing in Maui. Seriously, what are you waiting for. Let’s go fishing!

extreme maui fishingextreme hawaii fishing

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Not a bad day, Kai Akua grabs a marlin and a few Mahi. Fishing, fishing, fishing. It’s what we do!

marlin fishing maui

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Captain Steve Lambert and deckhand Jimmy Francis got nothing but smiles today. A shared boat with 5 passengers had all they could handle! Putting another 18 Mahi Mahi on the doc is pretty frickin awesome! Deep sea fishing in Maui is incredible right now! Come have the time of your life with us! FISH ON MAUI!

fishing maui

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This chick rocks!!! Today we had the chef from Chicago’s Tilli’s restaurant. She really showed those mahi who the boss was.

hawaii fishing

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Captain Rich and Captain Steve had a nice smooth day of fishing here on Maui. The trade winds were calm as could be. With dead bait today No Problem was still able to hook up with another good size catch! Still lots of Mahi out there! Charter fishing in Maui at it’s finest! Thanks for all your hard work boyz. YOU’RE CRAZY NOT TO BOOK YOUR MAUI FISHING TRIP WITH EXTREME FISHING MAUI! Here’s the proof. Almost every trip with multiple fish! BAM. With all this fresh Mahi mahi, these guys are going to need some good recipes. Here is a list of some great baked mahi mahi recipes.

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Another great day for Extreme Fishing Maui. These guys had so much fun, it should be illegal. Captain Rich gets 6 Mahi mahi, and Kai Akua gets 3 Mahi mahi. It was a killer day to be on the water fishing.

fishing in mauicharter fishing in mauilahaina charter fishing

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A great day for Extreme Fishing Maui. No Problem gets 13 Maui mahi mahi, and kai grabs 3 mahi. Kai would have got more had it been a longer trip. Just goes to show that the 8 hour trip really does make a difference.

A whole day of fishing followed by a sunset in front of the Westin Ka’anapali … That’s how you do vacation!

lahaina fishingcharter fishing lahaina maui

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